Unbelievable increase in home sales in Arlington, TN

We all love good news and home sales in the Memphis real estate market continue to bring good news.


Homes sales in the Memphis area for March 2015 totaled 1270 units, which is up 5.1% from March 2014.  Buyers and seller seem to be optimistic about the Memphis real estate market and it is showing.  Many times home owners are receiving multiple offers within the first week of going on the market. It goes without saying these are the homes that have gone on the market in optimal condition (all repairs are done, de-cluttering and staging complete).  The Certified Pre-Owned Marketing Program offered by Suzanne White with Keller Williams Realty places the seller in the driver’s seat to get the most money with the least amount of stress when selling a home.

The city of Arlington had a 121% increase in home sales! There were 84 homes sold in Arlington through the end of March for 2015 and only 38 homes sold through the same time period in 2014.  The average sales price has also increased 9.9% to $231,081.  Of the 84 homes sold YTD, 14 homes have been new construction.

Many homeowners in Lakeland have felt a little unsettled because of the impending decision on the new school funding so they have been holding off putting their houses up for sale worried there might not be enough interested buyers willing to live in Lakeland without the school issue settled.  The numbers don’t tell that story.  Lakeland had a 41.5% increase in homes sold (56 homes YTD 2015 compared to 41 homes sold the same time period in 2014).  The average sales price also increased 13.9% to $302,773.

Even with what the numbers showing an increase in prices in the Memphis real estate market, a marketing and selling strategy needs to be in place for sellers to optimize selling a home.  Find out how much your home value has increased here and then talk to Suzanne White with Keller Williams about her unique marketing plan – Certified Pre Owned.

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